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Public Coffee Roasters, Salt Lake City, Utah

Best Iced Tea in SLC at Publik Coffee Roasters

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I’ve been in Salt Lake City, Utah for a couple months now. I’m finding my groove. It’s starting to feel like home.

The weather fluctuates from 30 to 90, sometimes on the same day. I wear layers when it’s cold to peel away if needed, and I carry layers with me when it’s hot.

I’ve made a few lifelong friends, found a Yoga studio that I absolutely love, the surrounding mountains are beautiful, and there are a few establishments that I keep going back to. Publik Coffee Roasters is one of them—Publik is Dutch for ‘community’.

It’s a cool, casual, hip place to work, study, and social. It’s got a vibe, not only because of the decor, although the decor is smart, because of the energy and buzz of the humans who are making shit happen.

Whether face-to-laptop or face-to-face with another, these humans are making their dreams come true.

Conversing, brainstorming, writing, reading.
Focused minds living the laptop lifestyle.

Clicking keyboards, clattering dishes, and music fills the open space; Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! by ABBA, Strawberry Letter 23 by Snuggie Otis, and Slip Away by Clarence Carter.

It’s a coffee roaster and I haven’t had the coffee. I know. I know. I drink coffee in the morning and I frequent this location in the afternoon as a workspace. The black iced tea is very delectable and the toast with goat cheese and orange habanero jam is pretty damn delicious!

There are four locations scattered throughout the SLC area, I’ve been hanging out at the downtown location on West Temple.

For all of you who care, the founders have high standards for sustainability. This place is 100% solar powered with an oxidizer that filters out 96% of the particulates from the roasting process. They source beans from importers who have strong relationships at origin and align with their values of quality over quantity and planet over profit.


Public Coffee Roasters, Salt Lake City, Utah
Public Coffee Roasters, Salt Lake City, Utah