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The Breakthrough Comes Through Movement

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The Breakthrough Comes Through Movement

Send the text. 
Pick up the book.
Listen to the podcast.
Take the course.
Have the difficult conversation.
Have the beautiful conversation.
Give a compliment.
Embrace your beloveds.
Book the trip.
Hop on the plane.
Roll in the car.
Go somewhere you’ve always dreamed of.
Drive to your neighboring town, city, suburb.
Go to a store across town instead of the one you frequent.
Drive a different way to work and home every single day.
Take the train.
Talk to strangers.
Hug a stranger.
Move to a new state.
Move into a new house.
Move your furniture.
Clean out your closet.
Wear new clothing styles.
Eat different foods.
Move your body.
Go for a walk.
Go for a run.
Try yoga for the first time.
Join the gym.
Pick up a paintbrush.
Write a poem.
Strum a guitar.
Take a bath.
Lay in the grass.
Watch the sunset.
Count the stars.

You get it.

Give yourself permission.
Change the narrative.
Feel the expansion.

Body leads, mind follows.

Let’s roll.